CASE Hauls Timeshare Company, Garraway to Court

Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) hauls timeshare company, Garraway Enterprises Limited Singapore Branch to court for breaching the Consumer Protection Act, particularly, by exerting undue pressure on its consumers, making misleading and/or false claims and/or representing that a price benefit or advantage exists in respect of a good or service where such benefit or advantage does not.

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Singapore Crime Rate Fell But Beware of 3 Main Crimes

The crime recorded in the entire year of 2008 dropped by 1.2% to 32,412 as compared to 32,796 cases filed in 2007. Remarkably, despite the increase in population, the overall crime rate also fell to 670 from 715 per 100,000 population in 2008. While the overall crime situation for 2008 remains in check, Police would still like to caution the public against 3 main crime concerns and they are:

a. Phone scammers continue to prey on the unsuspecting public;
b. Rise in crimes against the elderly; and
c. More female minors involved in statutory rape and carnal connection cases

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